Challenges, eating, and snacks

27 Apr

I didn’t quite complete my eating out challenge, but I didn’t do too shabby either.   I made it until the final day before vacation and then I caved and had Zaxby’s for dinner.   Then of course, I ate out all weekend, which then carried over to lunch yesterday and lunch today.   I need to get to the grocery store and stop the cycle!!   I really and truly despise grocery shopping so it’s a challenge just to go.

I’ve noticed recently that I have a new eating pattern.   I am eating more calories at breakfast and lunch, and then a tiny dinner with small snacks in between.   I eat every three hours for the most part (my stomach is really like a clock now- I’m hungry at exactly the same times every day).    I really like this pattern and never feel deprived at dinner time.   I have most of my calories during the day when I need them, and then I’m ready for an evening workout.   This is quite a change from the old me that would hoard points all day long so I could have a big dinner and post-dinner snack.  I would stress out if I was going into dinner with less than 10 points.  Today, I am having a 3 point dinner, and I rarely ever eat snacks after dinner anymore.

Speaking of snacks, here’s an easy warm weather snack that’s a hit at my house.   Pudding pops!  Last time I made these, I only had 1 before my husband discovered them and they were gone.

Just take a popsicle mold (I got this one at IKEA for $2)

Make your favorite pudding (instant in my case,  and so many flavor options- cheesecake, oreo, vanilla!) and then just pour it into the mold.  Freeze overnight and voila!

So easy, delicious, and inexpensive!  A great 1 or 2 point snack (depending on the pudding you use) and it helps me with those ice cream cravings.

So now, I’m working on setting new goals and challenges for myself since C25K is coming to an end.  Stay tuned.  =)



27 Apr

I had an amazing weekend at the beach with girlfriends.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather, a better time, or better company.   I definitely wasn’t ready to come home and we’re already planning the next road trip!  I just love fun times with good friends.

So despite eating out all weekend, and not making the best food choices in the world, I didn’t gain any weight.   I think I’ve pretty much got this maintenance thing down now.  Most weeks, I don’t really keep up with my food 100% and I haven’t gained or lost any weight in months.    I find myself making better choices naturally now- last week I actually chose to eat a salad for dinner over pizza!  Who am I???

I am now on the final week of C25K and I can’t believe I’ve made it this far.  I have never stuck with any workout plan consistently or for this long, and I can’t even express in words how great it feels to complete this goal!   I have seen so many changes in myself in the past 9 weeks.  I have so much more energy, feel more productive, find myself eating food for “fuel” rather than for fun/comfort/just because, and crave exercise rather than dread it.  The biggest change is that I am no longer really concerned about what the scale says.  Sure, I’d still like to lose a few pounds, but I love the changes I’m seeing in my body and how much stronger I feel.   I don’t feel ruled by the scale and I don’t weigh myself daily or even weekly anymore.  I finally took measurements last night and I wish I had taken measurements before I started for a comparison.  Oh well, I will just keep at it, and compare measurements after another 2 months of running.  =)

Let’s try this again…

14 Apr

I’m going to try my hand at blogging again.  I just stopped updating last August and vanished without a trace.   Blogging wasn’t fitting into my life at the time, and I felt like I didn’t have much to say or share.  I’ve missed it lately, so I’ll try again!

Since my last post, a lot has happened weight loss wise!  I reached my Weight Watcher’s weight goal and lifetime status in November!! Woohoo!  Since then, I have maintained, even though I really would like to lose another 10-15 pounds.   I wish I could say I feel great where I’m at, but I’ve been 10-15 lbs lighter in the past, and that is definitely a more comfortable weight for me.  I’ve been trying to focus a little less on the scale and more on exercise and just how I feel in general though.

Right now, I am working on the Couch to 5K program, and I just completed Week 7 Day 3.  If you had asked me 2 months ago if I could run a mile, I would have laughed.  Now I can run 2 miles, and I actually kinda like it.  Baby steps.  I have done most of the program on the treadmill, but now that I’ve finally tried running outside, I definitely prefer it.  Much less boring and more motivating to keep going (at least for me).  I seem to do better when I run with my husband, although he can run twice as fast as I can, and about 5 times as far.  He’s a good sport though.  I’m also supposed to start running with a friend after work at least once a week.  So I went from thinking I could never be a runner, to having a running buddy in only 2 months.  Not too shabby!

Current goal- stop eating out.  This morning I set a goal to not eat out at all, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, for at least 2 weeks.  I set the goal before I remembered that I’m going on a road trip with some friends next weekend, and it would be next to impossible to avoid eating out for those 4 days.  So the new goal is to avoid eating out until the road trip, and to resume not eating out after the road trip.   Eating out is definitely my #1 contributing factor to weight gain (or just not losing).  Even with the best intentions, I don’t always make the best choices at restaurants, and I just eat out too often in general.

So that’s where I’m at.  I will definitely try harder to update regularly, and I hope to throw in some more recipe or product reviews along the way!

Quick update

9 Aug

I haven’t been the best about updating the blog, and I also haven’t been the best Weight Watcher in the world either.  I haven’t counted a single point in 2 weeks, and I haven’t worked out one time (well I did go on a walk once, but nothing like my usual activity level).   In the past 2 weeks, I lost 1.4 lbs, and then I gained it back.  So I am at exactly the same point I was in my last post.  It will be another 2 weeks before my next weigh in because of some things I have going on this week, but hopefully, I can get my act together before then!

I am at the point in my weight loss journey where I am feeling really good about myself in general.  People are starting to notice and comment on my weight loss.  All of my clothes are too baggy to wear, so I’m having to pull out my smaller clothes I had packed away and buy new things.  I actually feel thinner and can see the difference when I look in the mirror.  You would think feeling this good would motivate me to keep working hard, but I must have a mental block that says it’s ok to be a slacker now.  I  won’t let it get the best of me though.  I’m so glad I stuck with this through all of the frustrating ups and downs in weight, and I am going to continue pushing forward to goal!

2 weeks later

22 Jul

So it’s been 2 weeks since my last weigh in.   I hate skipping weeks, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Last week was my mom’s birthday, so on our usual meeting night, we went to see Legally Blonde the Musical.  It was a fantastic evening and my mom really seemed to enjoy it!  The night after that we went out for my brother’s birthday (they actually have the same birthday, but my mom always tries to weasel out of a celebration for herself).  Even with 2 nights in a row out, I did actually manage to make some healthy choices!  I also only had one small piece of birthday cake.

My husband and I are also in the middle of house hunting right now.  House hunting has completely consumed my life.  I spend lunch breaks and evenings looking at listings online, conversing with our real estate agent, and thinking about the houses we’ve already looked at and ones we have lined up to look at.   Because of this, I feel like I have hardly eaten.  Don’t worry though, I have been eating every point as usual, but I just haven’t THOUGHT about eating in ages.  It’s actually nice to only eat because I have to, because I’m actually hungry, for a change.  My thoughts are consumed with house hunting, so I’m not focusing on my next meal until it’s time for that meal.

I also committed the ultimate Weight Watcher’s crime this week.  I went an ENTIRE day without tracking my points.  The most fantastic news is that the next day, when I finally filled in my points tracker, I was exactly on my points target!  I actually stayed on target without even really trying or thinking about it.  That is amazing!  That makes me feel like I am making actual life changes this time around.

So what happened after a week of birthdays, not thinking about food, and going an entire day without tracking? …………

I lost 2.6 lbs!!!  Woohoo!   This puts me exactly 1 lb above the WW recommended maximum weight for my height!  I still want to lose at least 10 more lbs (will judge an exact number based on how I’m feeling as I get closer), but I’m really feeling great lately!  It’s amazing the difference that just losing 12 lbs has made.

I also applied tonight for a receptionist position with WW!  To be a receptionist, you just have to be within 10 lbs of the healthy weight range.   I think after 6 years of at least keeping up with the program (even if not always following it), and losing a grand total of 55 lbs through WW (with more to go), I am qualified to work for them.  Of course, that is someone else’s decision to make, so we’ll see what happens!

The rollercoaster continues

9 Jul

I gained 1 lb this week.  Even when I have a feeling it’s coming, it’s still disappointing.  I try to stay positive, and I realize that one week can’t make or break me, but it stinks when the numbers go up.  (Plus it’s frustrating when the very next day, my home scale shows that I’ve lost that and then some. I know I should avoid the home scale, but it’s so hard sometimes!)   Now that I have made some solid progress, I don’t get as discouraged as I once did.  I’ve come back from a gain more than once in the past 4 months and I know I can do it again.  I already know from experience what happens when I give up, and I’m not going down that road again.

I have to admit that I have been struggling this week.  I don’t think I’ve actually felt hungry in over a week, because I’m just constantly eating.  I haven’t really eaten anything “bad” per se, but have been eating too much and eating even when I know I’m not at all hungry.  I’m trying to pull myself back in though.  It can be done!

It seems like there’s some greater force out there that knows when I’m feeling discouraged.  Every time I’m feeling down about this weight loss journey, something happens to motivate me again.  Today at work, one of my coworkers noticed my weight loss!  She mentioned it out of nowhere and said she could definitely see it in my face!  Woohoo!   Nothing like an awesome compliment to get me back on track!  That made my day.

Focusing on the positives:

  1. I’ve been working out a lot lately, and I can really see and feel the changes that are coming from that.
  2. All of my work clothes are almost falling off of me.  Nothing is more motivating than buying smaller clothes!
  3. I can pretty much wear all of the clothes in my closet again that I have from the first time I reached my goal (even though I’m still 15 lbs away from that number)!  That includes a pair of jeans that I bought 3 years ago (after I’d already gained some of the weight back) and never wore because they were too tight!

Scoopable Chinese Chicken Salad

8 Jul

Recipes- finally!!


In the summertime, like most people, I find myself eating more salads.  I don’t always want to eat a hot meal when it’s so hot outside (especially in GA, where the temperature can easily be 100+).  This is a fabulous, very low-point, refreshing summer salad.  I could definitely see myself making this for a picnic in the near future.

I enjoyed this recipe quite a bit, and my husband raved about it for days. It actually almost matched an Asian Salad I had eaten and loved at TGI Fridays just a few days before.  Not to mention, it was extremely quick and easy to make.  The only real prep was cooking the chicken (though you could definitely use pre-cooked chicken and eliminated that step completely).

This is the perfect recipe for a busy, on-the-go person.  Just make it ahead of time, pack it up, and you’re all set for an easy and healthy lunch!

Scoopable Chinese Chicken Salad

5 servings @ 3 pts each

  • One 16 ounce package dry broccoli slaw mix
  • 12 ounces cooked skinless lean chicken breast, chopped
  • 1 cup canned water chestnuts, drained and sliced into thin stips
  • 1 cup canned mandarin orange segments packed in water or juice, drained and chopped (rinsed if packaged in juice)
  • 1 cup chopped scallions
  • 3/4 cup Newman’s Own Lighten-Up! Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing

In a large bowl, toss all ingredients together until mixed well.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.  Stir well before serving.

Source: Hungry Girl: 200 under 200