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Back to basics

7 Jun

Despite tracking calories, watching what I eat in general, and working out like crazy, the scale just seems to be going in the wrong direction lately.    I keep fluctuating between anywhere from 3-8 lbs over goal.  It’s so frustrating, but at the same time, I know I could be doing better.  I could be eating more fruits and veggies and less processed foods.   I could be making more meals at home and eating out less.    Sometimes it is just so hard to make the right decision and eat better with so many convenience foods out there staring me in the face!

So this week, I’m back to basics.  I am writing everything down on paper again.   I am measuring out all of my portions and using my food scale again.  I am tracking WW Points again instead of just calories.  (Well technically, I’m doing both- entering it all into MyPlate, and then calculating the points from there with my point sliders).   I am literally forcing myself to do better.  As I type this right now, I so want to go into the kitchen and grab a snack, but I’m out of points for the day, plus I’m not even really hungry!   I know all the tricks about finding distractions, but sometimes it seems like nothing can get my mind off of food.

Back in 2003, when I first joined Weight Watchers, it all seemed so easy.  I was so motivated to lose the weight.  Once I was out of points, that was it, I was done for the day.  I’d even go to bed early to avoid snacking.  I would only buy the healthiest foods and snacks.  I would save up all those extra points for weekend splurges.  Now it seems like I can barely make it through a single day without a splurge of some sort.  The more time went by, and the more weight I lost, the more I learned how to cheat myself, or convince myself that one more little snack wouldn’t hurt.   In the beginning, it was so exciting to learn the system and see the weight fall off almost effortlessly.  (Cutting out regular sodas alone probably accounted for at least 5 lbs!).   Now that the novelty of that has long worn off, I have to find other ways to stay motivated.    Fitting into my clothes should be motivation enough, but not even that keeps me away from the cupcakes in the break room at work.

I’m hoping that next week, I will have better news to report!  =)

On a more positive note, tomorrow night I start a 6 week-long Bellydancing class with a few of my friends.   I’m excited to try something new and to have a definite activity on the schedule each week.   I will definitely report back after the class, but I’m sure it will be a blast!

What’s something new you are going to try this week?


Counting and tracking

19 May

Have you ever just needed a break from counting points/calories, even if it’s just for one day?   I’m not talking about one of those days where you’ve done so poorly that you’ve just given up.  I mean a day when you’ve eaten just fine, are probably at or below the calorie goal anyhow, but just don’t have the energy or motivation to keep track.    That’s where I’m at today.

I’ve been following the Weight Watcher’s plan since 2003, and I’ve had enough ups and downs to know that I HAVE to write every single thing I eat down or I won’t lose weight.  When you’ve been doing something that long though, there are bound to be times when you just don’t give it your all.

Most likely, I’ll be back in the right mindset tomorrow, but it was nice to have a day off from tracking my food.  Even after 7 years, I still will never understand why some days following a weight loss plan can seem so easy and effortless, and the very next day it can seem so daunting.

So how do you keep track of your points/calories?   Do you use an online tracker, good old fashioned pen and paper, a smartphone, or some other method?       I switch back and forth between online and paper.  I found this cute printable food journal a while back, and I have been using it this week.   Most of the time writing it out helps me get back to basics when I’m struggling.

Let’s try this again…

14 Apr

I’m going to try my hand at blogging again.  I just stopped updating last August and vanished without a trace.   Blogging wasn’t fitting into my life at the time, and I felt like I didn’t have much to say or share.  I’ve missed it lately, so I’ll try again!

Since my last post, a lot has happened weight loss wise!  I reached my Weight Watcher’s weight goal and lifetime status in November!! Woohoo!  Since then, I have maintained, even though I really would like to lose another 10-15 pounds.   I wish I could say I feel great where I’m at, but I’ve been 10-15 lbs lighter in the past, and that is definitely a more comfortable weight for me.  I’ve been trying to focus a little less on the scale and more on exercise and just how I feel in general though.

Right now, I am working on the Couch to 5K program, and I just completed Week 7 Day 3.  If you had asked me 2 months ago if I could run a mile, I would have laughed.  Now I can run 2 miles, and I actually kinda like it.  Baby steps.  I have done most of the program on the treadmill, but now that I’ve finally tried running outside, I definitely prefer it.  Much less boring and more motivating to keep going (at least for me).  I seem to do better when I run with my husband, although he can run twice as fast as I can, and about 5 times as far.  He’s a good sport though.  I’m also supposed to start running with a friend after work at least once a week.  So I went from thinking I could never be a runner, to having a running buddy in only 2 months.  Not too shabby!

Current goal- stop eating out.  This morning I set a goal to not eat out at all, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, for at least 2 weeks.  I set the goal before I remembered that I’m going on a road trip with some friends next weekend, and it would be next to impossible to avoid eating out for those 4 days.  So the new goal is to avoid eating out until the road trip, and to resume not eating out after the road trip.   Eating out is definitely my #1 contributing factor to weight gain (or just not losing).  Even with the best intentions, I don’t always make the best choices at restaurants, and I just eat out too often in general.

So that’s where I’m at.  I will definitely try harder to update regularly, and I hope to throw in some more recipe or product reviews along the way!

Quick update

9 Aug

I haven’t been the best about updating the blog, and I also haven’t been the best Weight Watcher in the world either.  I haven’t counted a single point in 2 weeks, and I haven’t worked out one time (well I did go on a walk once, but nothing like my usual activity level).   In the past 2 weeks, I lost 1.4 lbs, and then I gained it back.  So I am at exactly the same point I was in my last post.  It will be another 2 weeks before my next weigh in because of some things I have going on this week, but hopefully, I can get my act together before then!

I am at the point in my weight loss journey where I am feeling really good about myself in general.  People are starting to notice and comment on my weight loss.  All of my clothes are too baggy to wear, so I’m having to pull out my smaller clothes I had packed away and buy new things.  I actually feel thinner and can see the difference when I look in the mirror.  You would think feeling this good would motivate me to keep working hard, but I must have a mental block that says it’s ok to be a slacker now.  I  won’t let it get the best of me though.  I’m so glad I stuck with this through all of the frustrating ups and downs in weight, and I am going to continue pushing forward to goal!

2 weeks later

22 Jul

So it’s been 2 weeks since my last weigh in.   I hate skipping weeks, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Last week was my mom’s birthday, so on our usual meeting night, we went to see Legally Blonde the Musical.  It was a fantastic evening and my mom really seemed to enjoy it!  The night after that we went out for my brother’s birthday (they actually have the same birthday, but my mom always tries to weasel out of a celebration for herself).  Even with 2 nights in a row out, I did actually manage to make some healthy choices!  I also only had one small piece of birthday cake.

My husband and I are also in the middle of house hunting right now.  House hunting has completely consumed my life.  I spend lunch breaks and evenings looking at listings online, conversing with our real estate agent, and thinking about the houses we’ve already looked at and ones we have lined up to look at.   Because of this, I feel like I have hardly eaten.  Don’t worry though, I have been eating every point as usual, but I just haven’t THOUGHT about eating in ages.  It’s actually nice to only eat because I have to, because I’m actually hungry, for a change.  My thoughts are consumed with house hunting, so I’m not focusing on my next meal until it’s time for that meal.

I also committed the ultimate Weight Watcher’s crime this week.  I went an ENTIRE day without tracking my points.  The most fantastic news is that the next day, when I finally filled in my points tracker, I was exactly on my points target!  I actually stayed on target without even really trying or thinking about it.  That is amazing!  That makes me feel like I am making actual life changes this time around.

So what happened after a week of birthdays, not thinking about food, and going an entire day without tracking? …………

I lost 2.6 lbs!!!  Woohoo!   This puts me exactly 1 lb above the WW recommended maximum weight for my height!  I still want to lose at least 10 more lbs (will judge an exact number based on how I’m feeling as I get closer), but I’m really feeling great lately!  It’s amazing the difference that just losing 12 lbs has made.

I also applied tonight for a receptionist position with WW!  To be a receptionist, you just have to be within 10 lbs of the healthy weight range.   I think after 6 years of at least keeping up with the program (even if not always following it), and losing a grand total of 55 lbs through WW (with more to go), I am qualified to work for them.  Of course, that is someone else’s decision to make, so we’ll see what happens!

The rollercoaster continues

9 Jul

I gained 1 lb this week.  Even when I have a feeling it’s coming, it’s still disappointing.  I try to stay positive, and I realize that one week can’t make or break me, but it stinks when the numbers go up.  (Plus it’s frustrating when the very next day, my home scale shows that I’ve lost that and then some. I know I should avoid the home scale, but it’s so hard sometimes!)   Now that I have made some solid progress, I don’t get as discouraged as I once did.  I’ve come back from a gain more than once in the past 4 months and I know I can do it again.  I already know from experience what happens when I give up, and I’m not going down that road again.

I have to admit that I have been struggling this week.  I don’t think I’ve actually felt hungry in over a week, because I’m just constantly eating.  I haven’t really eaten anything “bad” per se, but have been eating too much and eating even when I know I’m not at all hungry.  I’m trying to pull myself back in though.  It can be done!

It seems like there’s some greater force out there that knows when I’m feeling discouraged.  Every time I’m feeling down about this weight loss journey, something happens to motivate me again.  Today at work, one of my coworkers noticed my weight loss!  She mentioned it out of nowhere and said she could definitely see it in my face!  Woohoo!   Nothing like an awesome compliment to get me back on track!  That made my day.

Focusing on the positives:

  1. I’ve been working out a lot lately, and I can really see and feel the changes that are coming from that.
  2. All of my work clothes are almost falling off of me.  Nothing is more motivating than buying smaller clothes!
  3. I can pretty much wear all of the clothes in my closet again that I have from the first time I reached my goal (even though I’m still 15 lbs away from that number)!  That includes a pair of jeans that I bought 3 years ago (after I’d already gained some of the weight back) and never wore because they were too tight!

Independence Day

7 Jul

I am majorly behind on keeping up with this blog.  I have misplaced the cord for my P&S camera to transfer photos to my computer.   Of course, all of my food pictures are on that camera, waiting to be uploaded so I can post about some of the amazing recipes I’ve tried in the past month!  I just need to suck it up and make a trip to Best Buy for a card reader or something.  So, hopefully recipes really will be coming soon!

In other news, I have finally reached a major weight loss goal- 10 lbs lost!!  Last WI, I lost 1 lb, which brought me to 10 lbs even!  That’s also 2 weeks in a row of weight loss- can we make it 3???  I have no clue what this Wednesday’s WI will hold.  I didn’t have the best of holiday weekends.  My sister-in-law was in town and while I didn’t go completely wild with my food choices, I didn’t make the best choices either.  Since she left yesterday, I have been 100% back on track with food and exercise.  It could really go either way.

The weekend was fantastic despite my poor food choices.  On Friday, we went to the aquarium and then introduced SIL to IKEA.  We literally walked non-stop for almost 8 hours (hopefully counteracting most of the food I ate that day!).  Then we met up with some friends for drinks and dinner, so by the time we got home, we were ready to crash!  Saturday was spent mostly recovering before we saw the Atlanta Symphony-Orchestra and fireworks for the 4th.  I highly recommend that anyone in the ATL area see the ASO at their new venue if you haven’t already!  It was amazing!  My SIL didn’t seem too thrilled about the idea at first, but afterwards she actually said the ASO experience was better than the aquarium experience.  I’m glad she was able to visit for the weekend and  fully enjoy her time in ATL with us!   Here are some weekend highlights:

Checking out the fish:

The Hubby and Me with more fish:

The Beluga Whale (aka Attention Whore):

SIL and me patiently awaiting fireworks after the amazing ASO show:

I can’t wait until the next time SIL is in town!