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Challenges, eating, and snacks

27 Apr

I didn’t quite complete my eating out challenge, but I didn’t do too shabby either.   I made it until the final day before vacation and then I caved and had Zaxby’s for dinner.   Then of course, I ate out all weekend, which then carried over to lunch yesterday and lunch today.   I need to get to the grocery store and stop the cycle!!   I really and truly despise grocery shopping so it’s a challenge just to go.

I’ve noticed recently that I have a new eating pattern.   I am eating more calories at breakfast and lunch, and then a tiny dinner with small snacks in between.   I eat every three hours for the most part (my stomach is really like a clock now- I’m hungry at exactly the same times every day).    I really like this pattern and never feel deprived at dinner time.   I have most of my calories during the day when I need them, and then I’m ready for an evening workout.   This is quite a change from the old me that would hoard points all day long so I could have a big dinner and post-dinner snack.  I would stress out if I was going into dinner with less than 10 points.  Today, I am having a 3 point dinner, and I rarely ever eat snacks after dinner anymore.

Speaking of snacks, here’s an easy warm weather snack that’s a hit at my house.   Pudding pops!  Last time I made these, I only had 1 before my husband discovered them and they were gone.

Just take a popsicle mold (I got this one at IKEA for $2)

Make your favorite pudding (instant in my case,  and so many flavor options- cheesecake, oreo, vanilla!) and then just pour it into the mold.  Freeze overnight and voila!

So easy, delicious, and inexpensive!  A great 1 or 2 point snack (depending on the pudding you use) and it helps me with those ice cream cravings.

So now, I’m working on setting new goals and challenges for myself since C25K is coming to an end.  Stay tuned.  =)


Greek Yogurt

10 Jun

After reading about it on several of the blogs I follow, I finally tried Greek Yogurt for the first time.  The brand I happened to try was Chobani (because it was on sale and that’s my way of shopping!), and I was immediately in love!  One small container of this yogurt (the plain variety at least) has only 100 calories, 0 g of fat, only 7 g of sugar, and 18 g of protein!  18 g!!  My biggest problem with my usual breakfast on the run, is that I’ll be hungry again in 2 hours, and absolutely STARVING by lunchtime.   The days that I’ve had the greek yogurt, I haven’t even thought of food again until lunchtime.  I am so full, and for only 100 calories, it is pretty waist-friendly!  Not to mention, getting in that essential dairy serving!  It really helps me get through the morning at work.    I have been telling everyone I know about greek yogurt!

Now I can’t eat it just plain, so I will usually add a packet of splenda and a little vanilla to it, or some fruit (or all of the above).  It’s delicious!  I also love the honey and vanilla flavored varieties, although they have a bit more sugar.  I have yet to try the fruit varieties, but they are next on the list.

If you want to try it for yourself, Rosey Rebecca is hosting a Chobani giveaway over at her blog!  Check it out and enter for a chance to try this great yogurt.

Starting Over

22 Mar

After months of trying to do Weight Watchers online, 2 weeks ago, I decided it was time to join meetings.  Even though I lost 70 lbs and reached my goal the first time around on WW online, I had just lost all motivation this time around.  I love the meetings and have definitely felt a push in the right direction.  I want to do well and reach my goal once and for all!  Plus, it will be nice to finally reach lifetime status after being on WW for most of the past 6 years!

The first week went really well, and I lost 2.2 lbs!  I haven’t lost more than 1/2 lb in a week in ages- and usually, I would end up just gaining it back anyhow!

So far the second week hasn’t been the best of weeks.  I was sick all week long and literally ate every single dinner out.  I made decent choices overall, but I know I could have done a lot better.  I only made it to the gym 2 days this week instead of my usual 5, but I did manage to get in a 4 mile walk today at the park.  Even though I know I shouldn’t have, I peeked at the scale this morning and it says I’ve lost 3 lbs since last week!  Of course, today included a birthday party and just overall bad choices (other than the walk), so things could change between this morning and tomorrow evening’s WI. Crossing my fingers for a good week though!