Back to basics

7 Jun

Despite tracking calories, watching what I eat in general, and working out like crazy, the scale just seems to be going in the wrong direction lately.    I keep fluctuating between anywhere from 3-8 lbs over goal.  It’s so frustrating, but at the same time, I know I could be doing better.  I could be eating more fruits and veggies and less processed foods.   I could be making more meals at home and eating out less.    Sometimes it is just so hard to make the right decision and eat better with so many convenience foods out there staring me in the face!

So this week, I’m back to basics.  I am writing everything down on paper again.   I am measuring out all of my portions and using my food scale again.  I am tracking WW Points again instead of just calories.  (Well technically, I’m doing both- entering it all into MyPlate, and then calculating the points from there with my point sliders).   I am literally forcing myself to do better.  As I type this right now, I so want to go into the kitchen and grab a snack, but I’m out of points for the day, plus I’m not even really hungry!   I know all the tricks about finding distractions, but sometimes it seems like nothing can get my mind off of food.

Back in 2003, when I first joined Weight Watchers, it all seemed so easy.  I was so motivated to lose the weight.  Once I was out of points, that was it, I was done for the day.  I’d even go to bed early to avoid snacking.  I would only buy the healthiest foods and snacks.  I would save up all those extra points for weekend splurges.  Now it seems like I can barely make it through a single day without a splurge of some sort.  The more time went by, and the more weight I lost, the more I learned how to cheat myself, or convince myself that one more little snack wouldn’t hurt.   In the beginning, it was so exciting to learn the system and see the weight fall off almost effortlessly.  (Cutting out regular sodas alone probably accounted for at least 5 lbs!).   Now that the novelty of that has long worn off, I have to find other ways to stay motivated.    Fitting into my clothes should be motivation enough, but not even that keeps me away from the cupcakes in the break room at work.

I’m hoping that next week, I will have better news to report!  =)

On a more positive note, tomorrow night I start a 6 week-long Bellydancing class with a few of my friends.   I’m excited to try something new and to have a definite activity on the schedule each week.   I will definitely report back after the class, but I’m sure it will be a blast!

What’s something new you are going to try this week?


One Response to “Back to basics”

  1. Heather June 8, 2010 at 7:58 am #

    Break room cupcakes are evil. They taunt you and are usually not worth the calories.

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